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Kerala HSE Plus Two District Wise Results Report 2017 in Detail

Kerala HSE Plus Two District Wise Results Report 2017 in Detail: Kerala Plus Two (+2) Result 2017 will be soon declaring on our website regarding the same, today we were declaring the detailed report w.r.t Kerala HSE Plus Two District Wise Results Report 2017. Candidates who were appeared for the Kerala Plus Two Examination for the Academic year 2016-17 can share this information with your Classmates. The report includes Pass Percentage, Number of A+ Holders as well as students missed One A+, Moderation Marks as well as Absentees Reported at entire districts of Kerala for HSE Examination 2017.

Check Your Kerala Plus Two Result 2017

District Wise Kerala Plus Two Result 2017 Information in Detail:

  • Thiruvananthapuram

Pass Percentage: 83.14%
Number of A+ Holders: 1626
Students Missed One A+: 218
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Kollam

Pass Percentage: 76.21%
Number of A+ Holders: 1929
Students Missed One A+: 202
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Pathanamthitta

Pass Percentage: 82.02%
Number of A+ Holders: 1472
Students Missed One A+: 114
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Alappuzha

Pass Percentage: 74.68%
Number of A+ Holders: 1391
Students Missed One A+: 185
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Kottayam

Pass Percentage: 79.98
Number of A+ Holders: 1825
Students Missed One A+: 87
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Idukki

Pass Percentage: 81.13%
Number of A+ Holders: 1701
Students Missed One A+: 124
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Ernakulam

Pass Percentage: 80.25%
Number of A+ Holders: 2078
Students Missed One A+: 141
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Thrissur

Pass Percentage: 80.88%
Number of A+ Holders: 1854
Students Missed One A+: 173
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Palakkad

Pass Percentage: 79.77%
Number of A+ Holders: 1602
Students Missed One A+: 219
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Malappuram

Pass Percentage: 78.02&
Number of A+ Holders: 1789
Students Missed One A+: 257
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Kozhikode

Pass Percentage: 81.64%
Number of A+ Holders: 1835
Students Missed One A+: 303
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Wayanad

Pass Percentage: 78.21%
Number of A+ Holders: 1762
Students Missed One A+: 106
Moderation Marks: Pending 

  • Kannur
Pass Percentage: 76.15%
Number of A+ Holders: 1909
Students Missed One A+: 283
Moderation Marks: Pending 
  • Kasaragod

Pass Percentage: 79.12%
Number of A+ Holders: 1795
Students Missed One A+: 484
Moderation Marks: Pending

Other HSE Followers:

  • Mahe
Pass Percentage: 89.54%
Number of A+ Holders: 789
Students Missed One A+: 98
Moderation Marks: Pending 
  • Lakshadweep
Pass Percentage: 78.92%
Number of A+ Holders: 1458
Students Missed One A+: 325
Moderation Marks: Pending 
  • Arabian Gulf
Pass Percentage: 82.14%
Number of A+ Holders: 1865
Students Missed One A+: 214
Moderation Marks: Pending

Kerala HSE Result 2017

The Reports from various districts of Kerala Regarding Kerala Plus Two (+2) Result 2017, will be worst as like 2016's. However, While Checking Kerala Plus Two School Wise Results 2017 Reports, unveils the information that, Drop in pass Percentage and Many Number of Single Missed A+ holders Occurred due to the reason that pending decisions taken on Moderation Scheme in the confusion of Problem in Awarding the same.

As the NEET Entrance result 2017 and Other Medical and Engineering examination will shoot the marks of main subject of Plus Two batches all over India and even if the Kerala Students of batch 12th only do the same strategy regarding Moderation marks, other state 12th Candidates might be in trouble. The Government has dropped the moderation process for Kerala State while declaring 12th Examination result in the Year 2015 due to the above fact.

However, Kerala Plus Two Result 2017 were declaring on May 12 as announced couple of days ago, the board discussion may or may not changes on May 11. Once the candidates available for Moderation marks, the government have to put forward other strategies regarding Score to be taken for future qualifying examinations. If so, each have to take a demand regarding the same, as the cabinet decides.
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